Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Aggressione Kiana version 2

New high heel mesh sandals: rigged in five standard sizes as well as unrigged fitted for the female small standard shape. The fatpack option comes in nine colors, but it is also tintable via HUD. You have the option of choosing between eight skin textures and a grey base. Additionally, you receive in each pack matching blending socks (modifiable). The brown version is group gift in store!

Get it inworld or on marketplace.

Don't forget to grab the group gift by joining the group and clicking on the group gift vendor inworld.

Aggressione Portia

Portia is a cute bikini, accessorized with a mesh beaded belt and flat sandals in nine vibrant tones. For each bikini, you can choose between a colorful and a one color texture for the belt and sandal beads. The fatpack option is also available.

Get it inworld or on marketplace.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Aggressione Dangerous

Dangerous corset&corset dress comes in a seven colors combination. The fatpack option is HUD controlled so you get to change separately the lace trim for top and skirt.

Get it inworld or on marketplace.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Aggressione Serena

Serena is a shiny dress in gold, bronze and silver (rigged mesh). Included are color matching metallic overknee boots, also rigged mesh.

Get it inworld or on marketplace.

serena dress w/ overknee boots fatpack
Don't forget to grab the group gift under the tree, Serena dress in silver at the inworld store

serena_silver group gift at Aggressione

Aggressione Susi

Susi is a cute mesh dress in red/green. Get it inworld or on marketplace.


Aggressione Victoria

Winter release is a knit mesh dress with leather belt (silver metal only). Also included: mesh heels with legwarmers, 3 skin tones preset, unrigged pair + rigged 2 sizes, controlled by HUD and mesh bangles resizable by script. The fatpack option allows over 100 possible texture combinations for belt and dress; heels and legwarmers.

Get it inworld or on marketplace.

victoria fatpack

Aggressione Lola

First rigged mesh dress for Aggressione is Lola, a summer dress in five colorful prints.

Get it inworld or on marketplace.


Aggressione Kiana

Kiana is a mini dress with gold/silver chest piece, a belt (sculpted). Included: color matching unrigged mesh extreme sandals controlled by HUD (skin tone/5 nails textures/9 shoe textures/resize and reposition to fit your avatar). Colors available: black, red, white, butter, green, purple, pink, brown, blue.

Get it inworld or on marketplace.


Aggressione Lara

Lara is a satin off shoulder gown, with embroidery on the skirt and arms. Layers: shirt, pants, tattoo. Colors: white, black, red, green, purple, royalblue, turquoise.

Get it inworld or on marketplace.


Aggressione Yvette

Yvette is a sexy sheer lace dress, with flexi sleeves. It comes in several colors ( black, white, red, gold, purple, blue). Also included: panties.

Get it inworld or on marketplace.


Aggressione Emily

Emily is a cheetah low-back mini dress, in gold, red, white, purple, blue, pink, on jacket layer. Also included: black boots with matching cheetah print cuffs, gold and silver bracelets and panties.

Get it inworld or on marketplace.

Aggressione Emily fatpack