Thursday, January 9, 2014

Aggressione Serena

Serena is a shiny dress in gold, bronze and silver (rigged mesh). Included are color matching metallic overknee boots, also rigged mesh.

Get it inworld or on marketplace.

serena dress w/ overknee boots fatpack
Don't forget to grab the group gift under the tree, Serena dress in silver at the inworld store

serena_silver group gift at Aggressione

Aggressione Susi

Susi is a cute mesh dress in red/green. Get it inworld or on marketplace.


Aggressione Victoria

Winter release is a knit mesh dress with leather belt (silver metal only). Also included: mesh heels with legwarmers, 3 skin tones preset, unrigged pair + rigged 2 sizes, controlled by HUD and mesh bangles resizable by script. The fatpack option allows over 100 possible texture combinations for belt and dress; heels and legwarmers.

Get it inworld or on marketplace.

victoria fatpack

Aggressione Lola

First rigged mesh dress for Aggressione is Lola, a summer dress in five colorful prints.

Get it inworld or on marketplace.


Aggressione Kiana

Kiana is a mini dress with gold/silver chest piece, a belt (sculpted). Included: color matching unrigged mesh extreme sandals controlled by HUD (skin tone/5 nails textures/9 shoe textures/resize and reposition to fit your avatar). Colors available: black, red, white, butter, green, purple, pink, brown, blue.

Get it inworld or on marketplace.


Aggressione Lara

Lara is a satin off shoulder gown, with embroidery on the skirt and arms. Layers: shirt, pants, tattoo. Colors: white, black, red, green, purple, royalblue, turquoise.

Get it inworld or on marketplace.


Aggressione Yvette

Yvette is a sexy sheer lace dress, with flexi sleeves. It comes in several colors ( black, white, red, gold, purple, blue). Also included: panties.

Get it inworld or on marketplace.


Aggressione Emily

Emily is a cheetah low-back mini dress, in gold, red, white, purple, blue, pink, on jacket layer. Also included: black boots with matching cheetah print cuffs, gold and silver bracelets and panties.

Get it inworld or on marketplace.

Aggressione Emily fatpack